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We are women and mothers in the medical field as well as mothers who have experienced medical challenges while bringing up their children. With all these experiences put together we are here to help each other ,share advices and experiences to help the society to be healthy and well. We also want to empower the poor in the society in various ways. Organize outreach, drive vaccination campaigns and free medications. Our future goal is to build a charity hospitals to give free medical treatment to children, the old and the less privileged across the country JOIN US to make it a success


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Medical moms health and wellness organization is managed by board of trustees which meets periodically to put together policies, monitor and evaluate progresses and design new strategies to ensure that the goal of the organization is achieved. MMHWO will be working in collaboration with all stakeholders in health to see that the desired goal of building charity hospitals across the nation is achieved.

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Our team consists of high level professionals in health and related disciplines. These professionals have worked in both private and public sector in Nigeria and other countries including national and international NGOS possessing a cumulative of over 35 years of experience in the medical field and health leadership and governance as well as health system research . They bring to the team extensive experience in handling diseases and general wellbeing.

We help thousands of children,
arrange food & build houses for them

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